Why Hire Me?

Better product doesn’t always win; better marketing does.

Content Marketing is a competitive industry. Do you really want your services to be shunted off the race track?

Your products, you name, yet not your site rank of Google? Why is that?

Does this bode well for the future?

So what are your options?

Letting quality leads go to someone else?

Letting your customers get the important information from somewhere else and slowing see them shuffling out the door?


Get a pro onboard to set the things right and build a content marketing strategy that pays.

If you nod at the first two questions, then, by all means, stop reading now. No one could help Titanic.

But, if you think building a great content marketing plan can get you on the right track, then you have adapted to the evolution Internet set in motion.

But, many people in internet marketing still think that “great content” is enough.

Sadly, it is NOT.

What can I do for you?

As a content marketing professional with 7 years in the belt, I KNOW that content strategy isn’t enough!

My experience that circles tech companies and InsurTech giants have taught me one important lesson:

It is not hard work. Only SMARTWORK brings quality leads.

I’ve worked for companies with mediocre strategies and average writers that still push out jaw-dropping results!

I can apply my vast experience in increasing the overall ranking of your content. I can make the engagement shoot up and quality leads pour in. And, this is not just talk, because I’ve already walked the talk.

I have a site whose DA (domain authority) is a measly, shrug-worthy 11. Yet, I’ve shot up higher than sites like Forbes and backlinko on certain competitive keywords!

search result

In fact, I’ve also ranked higher than Quicksprout on these instances as well!

Sceenshot 2

How did I do it? I applied all my knowledge into getting my site ranked. The reason this happened was I know how to make the content that sells!

Skillset: What I bring to the table

My experience: What I have dealt with.

Here, I give you some reasons to hire me.

1. I Can Help Your Content Rank On Google SERPs

Not only do I know how and what to write for your niche but also can help you make it rank on Google for your target keyword.

To back this very statement of mine, I got live proof. See the screenshot below or click here to check yourself. (Please remove browser cookies for an accurate result)

Out of two billion, four hundred eighty million results for this particular keyword (content writing tips for beginners), my article ranks on the first page (fluctuates between 5th and 7th position of different browsers).

2. The Skyscraper Technique

If you are in Digital Marketing, then you must know that long-tail keywords are the best to run after. The skyscraper technique is the best and has produced great results for me. It helped me rank my article on Google.

The current DA (Domain Authority) of my website is 11 and many of my posts rank on either the 1st or 2nd page of Google Search Results Pages.

Check here to check my posts on Google:

Query 1: tax saving investment options for senior citizens in 2019 (click here)

Current position on Google Search Page – Answer box

Query 2: tax saving investment options for salaried in 2019 (click here)

Current position on Google Search Page – Answer box

Query 3: tax saving investment options in 2019 (click here)

Current position on Google Search Page – Answer box

3. I am Future Ready

Do you know that 2019 is going to be the year of change for Digital Marketing? Well, now you know it.

More and more people around the world are using Voice Search Technology to search for information on Google. Don’t believe me? Watch this video from my favorite Neil Patel.

I also have some supporting statistics from worldwide. Below is the screenshot.


screenshot 2

Here, the fact of the matter is that online queries are going to be question-based.

For example, what are the best tax saving investment options in 2019?

Now, if you Google this query, this is what you get.

voice search_compressed

Don’t forget to check the website link.

So, if I can be future-ready, why can’t you?

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