What Your LinkedIn Display Picture Says

What Your LinkedIn Display Picture Says

Have you ever thought of what your display picture says about you? Particularly, the picture you have uploaded on a job site or your LinkedIn display picture for that matter must be able to depict your actual self so that if some recruiter or other professional looks at your display picture, they get an idea about who you truly are.

Based on a study, recruitment specialists invest over 15% of their time looking at your display picture only. This implies that your display picture is as crucial as your previous experiences and set of skills in standing out enough to be noticed and get you a call.

Therefore, be cautious while picking up your display picture for a professional online platform or a job site. You can read below other key points of selecting the correct display picture.

Demonstrates the Authenticity of Your Account

If you have a picture in your online social profile, particularly on LinkedIn, it tells people on the same network that your profile is authentic and you’re an active user. Obviously, this picture must be your genuine photograph.

On the flip side, if you have simply uploaded a random picture or some non-specific picture, people might consider your account as a fake one.

Make sure to upload the latest picture of yourself that looks precisely like you, as if you upload an old picture or an edited picture, a recruiter or other professionals might get surprised when you meet face to face.

Ensures that People Recognize You

Giving an authentic face to your social profile enables people to recall you. If someone has met you before and they’re connected to you on your other online profiles, then they can recall you with your display picture and name.

Additionally, they also ensure that they’re sending a connection request to a person with an authentic account.

Your Picture is your Own Brand

Your picture gives others the information about the personality you carry. Consider what message you need to deliver to others and pick your display picture in accordance with that. Would you like to be viewed as a friendly, cheerful, motivational, and genuine personality?

Give it a thought before uploading your picture, as it is going to be the face of your own brand.

Establishes the First Impression Right

If somebody doesn’t remember you, they can make their first impression about you just by seeing your picture. In case they like your picture and get positive vibes from it, they might want to approach you in a friendly manner, and thus, a formal conversation would become substantially simpler.

On the flip side, if they get an adverse impression about you from your picture or think that you are not a good person to connect to, it can be troublesome for you to connect to them from the very beginning.

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