Best Online Portal for Trademark Registration in India and Abroad
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Best Online Portal for Trademark Registration in India and Abroad

Whether it is IT or trade, India is one of those countries that have the highest numbers of young entrepreneurs. Many people also considering India as an emerging market place and a lot of international companies are coming to India. For all these businesses, one thing in common; they all want to get their trademark registration in India.

Why Trademark Registration is Essential in India?

When it comes to your business, the most important thing is its intellectual property. This includes your company’s name, logo, brand and other unique characteristics. Protecting all of them is crucial for you.

Usually, many businesses, especially the new ones, focus more on establishing the company than protecting it. Therefore, when it comes to protecting the intellectual property of the company, people often delay it and may face consequences.

If your trademark is not registered, you have a threat of its infringement and lose all your business. By completing trademark registration in India, you not only legally protect your trademark but also ensure that you own your business.

How to Register a Trademark in India?

Like many countries, you have multiple options to register a trademark in India:

  • File your trademark application by yourself
  • Hire a trademark lawyer or agent to register the trademark
  • Apply online, through the mail and by visiting the office in office timings

The fees of a trademark registration may vary based on how you submit your application. You either apply by yourself or through a lawyer or agent. This usually includes the government fee as well as the fee charged by the lawyer.

Best Online Platforms for Trademark Registration in India

There are many companies and websites that register the trademarks in India. You can get the mark from one of the top online portals for registering the trademarks in India:


Why Choose Online Portals for Trademark Registration in India?

Many countries, including India, offer companies and businesses to register their trademark by themselves online. However, there are many reasons why you should consider getting it done through an online portal. Some of these fantastic reasons are as follows:

  1. You will get complete guideline

Many people want to register their trademark by themselves but they are not aware of the process. Either you read many articles, but again, there is no professional to help you out. That is why a simple task you can do is; get your registration done through the online portal.

Here, many professionals are waiting to help you with many years of experience in hand.

  1. Save your time and money

Make sure your trademark is unique. By registering a trademark that is similar to any other, you are wasting both your time and money. You can save both and still get your trademark registered in a single attempt through an online portal.

  1. Ease and convenience

An online platform not only saves you time but also significantly reduces your efforts. You can complete the entire process at home without any hassle. Also, there are many other options available for the customers to avail from.

  1. Saves huge lawyer fees

Submit your application for trademark registration in India by yourself. This will save you the amount of money that you would otherwise pay to a lawyer.

How Do I Register my Trademark Internationally?

To have legal ownership of your company’s name, logo, and brand, register your trademark by yourself. Failing at this allows your competitors to steal your business’s name and perhaps the customers as well.

Each country has its own department to register trademarks for this purpose. Anyone who wants to register their trademark can apply with the fee and certain documents. For trademark registration internationally, reach out to an international agency.

In this article, we will tell you how to register a trademark internationally.

How to Register a Trademark Internationally through the International Agency for Trademark Registration?

To register a trademark in your own country, Fill out the application online or manually. If you have an international or online business, you can register the same trademark internationally. For this, you have to separately register your trademark in every country of the world.

Not only is this difficult but it is also practically impossible. You have to contact an International agency for Trademark Registration for help in this regard.

It is Not Required to Have an International Registration

You don’t need to have an international registration if you are getting customers from the same branch of your company. It will be just the waste of your time and money to invest in the international registration.

However, if you sell online and your products and services are delivered worldwide, getting an international registration is a good idea. This way, you can still use your home country to do the business and have a legal intellectual property of your trademark internationally.

Process of Registering your Trademark Internationally

The system through which you register your trademark internationally is called the Madrid Protocol or the Madrid system, and it is protected by the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization), which is located in Geneva, Switzerland.

This system allows you to protect your trademark in many countries such as the U.S, as it is a member country. It allows you to get an equivalent registration in your own country and protects your mark in designated countries at the same time.

The Madrid System also allows you to simplify your trademark management as you can do changes and renewals of the trademark in one place as it is recorded directly without doing changed in an individual country.

How to Register your Trademark Internationally?

To use an international trademark registration, you can either file an application electronically through TEAS (Trademark Electronic Application System of U.S Trademark and Patent Office or the paper form. Using TEAS can cost you up to $100 for registering a single class, and the cost for paper registration can cost up to $200.

You can find further information about it on the websites of the Madrid Protocol as well as USPTO.

To have more information about the international registration process, seek help from an International Agency for Trademark Registration. This not only will guide you through the process but also allow you to have a hassle-free international trademark registration.

Guest Author: Hamza Maqsood

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