OnePlus 6T Launch Preponed: A Move To Sidestep Apple’s Hallowe’en Event

OnePlus 6T Launch Preponed: A Move To Sidestep Apple’s Hallowe’en Event

OnePlus 6T Launch event is set to happen on October 30, 2018. Actually, it was. In a latest announcement, the Chinese smartphone maker revealed that the launch of the much-anticipated ‘Unlock The Speed’ device is now set to happen on 29th October – one day earlier than expected.

However, this change is only applicable to the New York event of OnePlus 6T launch, leaving the New Delhi event unaffected. This means that New Yorkers will be able to enjoy the unveiling one day earlier than the Asian metropolis.

This abrupt rescheduling is a result of Apple’s event that is set to take place on 30th October in New York – a recent announcement that took the world, including OnePlus, by storm. While it is good news for tech fanatics, the OnePlus team was reportedly bowled over, wisely fearing an overshadowing of the 6T launch.

Naturally, no one wants to compete with Apple, especially when it is pushing out new Mac and iPad models, so the Red Team rescheduled the launch to 29th October 2018 at 11 AM EDT. But this change wasn’t made lying down. CEO of One Plus, Pete Lau, wrote a long forum post sharing his concerns over the latest development as well as offering support to all those who face difficulties in reshuffling flight and hotel bookings in order to attend the rescheduled event.

While it may seem like the red-letter day of OnePlus was gatecrashed by the Californian fruit, the question remains the same: who is going to take the cake? Are we still never settling or will we think differently?