7 Reasons Why You Haven’t Heard Back After Job Interview
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7 Reasons Why You Haven’t Heard Back After Job Interview

I applied for a job but never heard back after job interview.

I applied for a job and haven’t heard back. Should I call?

How long does it take to hear back from a job application?

Many job-seekers have these questions in mind. Some put them online on Quora (opens in a new tab/window) and other online discussion forums while some dare to ask “How long after a job interview should you hear back?” from their friends. However, the recruiters don’t care to respond to these questions, even on these discussion forums.

Every other candidate today comes back from an interview with the same reply, “We’ll get back to you once the interviews for the first round are over,” slapped across their face. I must say, I also have experienced the same so many times in my life. Now, if I get to hear any such reply from a recruiter, I smile a little and tell myself (internally), “You’re never going to hear back from them.”

And, this remains the case, I win!

Also, there are times, when the HR person or hiring manager or recruiter says he or she will make a decision by the end of the week. However, my personal favorite one is,

The management has decided to put your candidature on hold, as we have some more candidates lined-up for this profile If you’re shortlisted, we’ll inform you.

What I recommend to you is…

Don’t Put Yourself on Hold as They Did. Continue Your Job Search.

You need not pause your job search if you never heard back after job interview. You may never hear from them. So, make sure to keep the momentum going rolling until you have the right job offer in your hand.

No News is Bad News. Not Always.

There are instances when recruiters take more time than they told you they would respond in. Remember that recruiters do get approval from the hiring authority in a particular department. So, if there have only been a few days or a week or two past the given deadline, you’re not supposed to lose your hope. Don’t give up. There are plenty of other jobs suitable for you.

A Lot of Things Could be Happening While You Wait for Their Response.

Job seekers assume that the recruitment team is doing great by managing the hiring process smoothly. However, that’s not the case always. You cannot speak as someone who is on the other side of the process, dealing with something you don’t know anything about. The reason why you haven’t heard from them could have something or everything to do with you.

In fact, there can be many things that disrupt the entire hiring schedule at a large organization. For example, when you began a job search

#1. A key person in the hiring committee could be unavailable

When it comes to hiring someone, more than one person is involved in the process. And, there are times when the other person is missing or unavailable due to some professional or personal emergency, a vacation, illness, sudden travel, left or quit the job. In such situations, the candidates with their interviews lined up have to wait probably a little longer.

#2. Other interviews are probably taking longer time than usual

Irrespective of whether or not you were the first candidate that showed up for the interview, you may have to wait a little longer. Recruiters schedule and sometimes reschedule interviews as per the availability and unavailability (refer to #1) of the key personalities in the hiring committee. Don’t lose your patience because you need to do well in the next interview.

#3. They are preparing for the next round

Not to overlook the possibility of them being involved in scheduling the next round(s) of interviews for the candidates who did well in the previous round(s). Remember there are meetings, emails and other discussions too, which might delay the process of hiring.

If you were invited for multiple rounds but are still waiting to hear from them, there could be other things that got in the way.

#4. They could be running a background check, verifying documents, and connecting other loose strings

Recruiters, besides hiring candidates, have to run a background check on their prospective hires, verify their academic and professional documents after short-listing the finalists before announcing the final decision. This is a long process and may take an unexpectedly long time to complete.

#5. They are looking for the best for the company

As you perhaps already know, recruiters always are in search for the best candidates (who probably didn’t even apply) for the job. They might be planning to repost the job opening or restructuring the job profile as per the best candidate(s) they have hired.

#6. They are waiting for the decision of candidate #1; you’re candidate #2

It is possible that recruiter is waiting for the decision to be made by another candidate who they’ve already offered the job and is unable to accept it due to some last minute negotiation. In such situations, recruiters keep the second best candidate in touch, who they may hire if the first one doesn’t join in time or leaves unexpectedly immediately after joining.

The other reason could be that they never decided to hire you and wanted someone with work experience better than you have.

#7. It didn’t work out this time

Perhaps you didn’t hear from them for long but you felt a connection with the recruiter or someone in the management and would love to apply back in future if a similar opportunity developed. So make sure to connect with them on LinkedIn to keep in touch and know more about the future opportunities they may roll out.

Author’s Recommendation

It’s good to connect with recruiters on LinkedIn, as you can keep in touch with them and they may directly contact you through the profile for a job opportunity in the future.



  1. Recruitment professionals don’t bother telling the candidates why they’re not hiring them. Instead they fool them in the name of profil being put on hold. They play with the sentimental values of the jobseekers.

    1. Author

      I don’t understand why they don’t tell the candidates at their faces the reasons why they’re not being hired. By doing this, they’re keeping the candidates from improving themselves on what they currently lack in.

  2. I’ve also seen interviewers asking irrelevant questions in F2F round. I mean I answered all his questions initially and then he brought up a shit load of questions about things I had never heard before. That made me frustrated. Obviously, I never heard back from them.

  3. Author

    Happens buddy! I also have a similar experience in some interviews. Sometimes, the interviewer just wants to make you feel bad or humiliate you for not being able to answer his questions. That really is a bad thing. If a 10-year experience person interviews someone with 4 years of experience, they want the candidate to possess the same level of knowledge, which is not done!!


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