5 Marketing Ideas For Small Businesses In India [Low-Budget]
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5 Marketing Ideas For Small Businesses In India [Low-Budget]

Looking for the best marketing ideas for small businesses for your start-up with a low budget? Want to advertise your products/services to increase your customer base in 2019? Well, you’re in the right place, as you have something to take away from this post.

Let’s get straight to business.

When your business has high dreams, the budget should never be a constraint.

You can leverage the low-budget marketing ideas and give your business the edge it deserves. However, you ought to ready to try unconventional ideas and go out of the box to market your brands when the budget is low.

You can always rely on low-cost marketing strategies to propel your business in the same way as expensive marketing may do.

Marketing Ideas For Small Businesses

As it’s all about executing and implementing the best strategy, it can open the world of prospects for your business if you do it at the right time.

You can consult an expert and get some great business ideas on low budget marketing. Here are some marketing tips for small businesses when you have a low budget:

1. Create engaging blog content

engaging content

Creating a blog and producing good-quality engaging content for your readers can do wonders for your business, especially when your budget is low.

It does not cost much to run a blog, publish content, and promote the content or posts to the right platform. If you’re ready to devote time, do some content writing, brutal editing, and create a masterpiece of content.

Your first blog is ready to go live.

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With a blog, you can provide value to your customers in the form of useful information like no other in your niche. If you publish high-quality content, it certainly performs well on SERPs (search engine result pages) and helps digitally market your business.

So, write on current and most-searched for topics, cater to your target audience, and gain the desired results in terms of marketing.

2. Team up with local businesses


Collaboration with other local businesses in the same niche as yours can be a great low-cost marketing idea for any business.

Here, the purpose of collaboration is to be partners with them and cross-promote one another. It’s that simple. Isn’t it?

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You can connect with another start-up like you, which complements your business model or whose target audience can bring some value to your business as well.

When a small business teams up with other local businesses, it can expand its outreach without spending too much on marketing.

In fact, such a team-up often ensures a better reach to multiple audiences and helps spread the word about your products and services. If not best, this is a good way to get free advertisements along the way.

3. Leverage email marketing campaigns


Email marketing is still one among the most cost-effective tools to promote your business with a great potential to do wonders for almost any business. It can be very helpful when it comes to building a strong relationship with existing customers.

Your small business can leverage email marketing to reach, engage, and generate new leads beyond the barriers of geography and demography.

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You can create engaging email campaigns and directly deliver the message to the intended recipients. This will help you implement CTA (call to action) and catch their attention without spending much on marketing.

If you’re determined to attain something GREAT for your business, it does not take much to create result-oriented email marketing campaigns and get GOOD results.

This tactic not only ensures a greater outreach but also brings in leads and helps gradually grow your business.

4. Ask for referrals/reviews



No business should hesitate to ask for referrals, especially from their existing customers.

If your customers are satisfied with your products/services, they will certainly refer to or review your products. They may also come up with positive feedback for your business.

Referrals are not only great from the cost point of view but also can bring quality leads. This is because they directly come from your satisfied customers.

You can start a referral program and set rewards for those who oblige. This way, you can achieve marketing goals while still sticking to a low budget.

If you’re ready to incentivize the act of giving referrals/reviews, you can gain more and easily achieve your business goals.

5. Leverage social media


You must engage with your followers on social media to market your business when the budget is low.

You can share motivational posts, updates on your upcoming products, or give out meaningful information to your followers. Here, the intent is to engage and interact with the audience and give them a reason to feel valued.

If you’re into hospitality or event management (opens in a new tab/window) business for that matter, make sure all your shows, events, and programs have their footprints across the various social media platforms, viz. Facebook, Instagram to reach out to an increasingly large audience in a cost-effective manner.

Do you want the best out of your marketing strategies while on a low budget? Try out social media and see the difference.


So, there you have 5 best marketing ideas for small businesses. These tips not only can help you increase your business outreach but also help you make every effort count. Needless to say, the market is full of opportunities.

Set your business footprints in the digital space today and grab your market share with a bang.


  1. I think writing blog is good strategy but it also very competitive. For someone to succeed using blog. They should also put more efforts and do smart works. Either way nice tips! Good post specially for new business owners.

    1. Author

      Thanks, Dev!

      Businesses don’t establish overnight. That’s true. Starting a blog is a good idea if you’re sure about the niche you can produce enough good-quality, readable content for. Anyone who loves to write and knows something that can add value should start their blog.


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