10 Tips For Instant Personal Loan Online Application [A Worth Read]
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10 Tips For Instant Personal Loan Online Application [A Worth Read]

When submitting the application for an instant personal loan online, you must have so many thoughts or wishes in your mind regarding the use of the loan amount.

People take a personal loan to fulfill their financial needs, as banks disburse instant personal loan online application within 24 to 72 hours.

Within one’s personal finance management, this factor makes a personal loan beneficial in an emergency.

Considering the facts, we can estimate that rejection of an instant personal loan online application can be frustrating and even dangerous in crucial times. Therefore, you should focus on all important personal loan aspects while applying for one.

Are you planning to get a personal loan but afraid of its rejection? Don’t worry; you need to focus on some important points before applying for this loan.

Need An Instant Personal Loan Online? Here Are 10 Tips For Quick Approval

You can avail a personal loan can very easily within a few hours if you follow the procedure carefully. The below-mentioned tips will save you from committing some common errors while submitting an instant personal loan online application:

Ensure that your purpose is acceptable

As you know from the name itself, a personal loan can be used for various purposes by the borrower.

You can spend the money on home renovation or wedding, for buying your personal stuff or traveling, or in case of a medical emergency.

Once your instant personal loan online application is approved, the bank won’t mind how and where you spend the money. However, you have to keep in mind that you can’t use this money to fund any illegal activity.

Fulfill the eligibility criteria

Eligibility criteria are among the most important points, which you should not neglect at any cost when applying for a personal loan.

These include certain rules that every borrower must comply. You can check the whole criteria of an instant personal loan online on the bank website in advance.

Alternatively, you can directly ask a loan executive at the bank to help you with an in-depth understanding of the various terms and conditions.

Lenders are very strict about eligibility criteria, as personal loans don’t require collateral security. Banks and other lenders have some common terms of eligibility, such as:

  • You must be an earning individual with a minimum monthly income of 25,000 to 30,000/-
  • You must be self-employed or a bona fide employee of an organization or a business owner.
  • Occupation and age are also defined by different lenders.

Maintain a considerable credit score

The credit score is very important for you to be eligible for a personal loan.

As the lender doesn’t know you personally, they check your credit history via your credit report. It is their responsibility to check that a borrower is financially able to pay off the loan.

Therefore, for the approval of your instant personal loan online, it’s crucial to have a good credit score. This increases your chances of getting your loan application accepted by the bank.

One or more lenders may still be ready to give you a loan but certainly at a high rate of interest.

Carefully select the lender or bank

You should be very careful while selecting a lender when looking for a personal loan.

Although most banks provide a personal loan, you must know that too many loan applications within a short span of time can adversely affect your credit score.

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If you need a huge amount, then you should submit your instant personal loan online application to lenders like Indiabulls for higher chances of getting quick loan disbursal.

Prepare the essential documents

The bank will ask for a few important documents when you apply for a personal loan. If you failed to produce any of these documents, your loan application could be rejected. Some of the essential documents are:

  • Identity proof (Voters ID/ PAN card/ Passport/ Driving license)
  • Residence proof (Utility bill/ Passport)
  • Salary slips of last 3 months (in case of employees)

Apply according to your need

You should select the amount of a personal loan strictly in accordance with your need(s). It’s common human nature to ask for more than the requirement, especially in money matters.

You might think of borrowing a few extra bucks for fulfilling your additional wishes. But remember, the amount is also a vital factor in the acceptance or rejection of an instant personal loan application.

So, you should stick to your needs.

Properly Manage finances

It will eventually help in strengthening your credit. For the management of your current finances, check your credit history for the last 12 months, the payment history of credit cards, and the balances.

Also, don’t be a credit hungry, repay your loans on time, and make a rule to pay the balances on credit cards on time.

Verify the details

Carefully check all your personal and financial information before submitting an instant personal loan online application.

Nowadays, most of the personal loan application forms are filled online, which can enhance your chances of committing one or more typing errors.

These errors, especially in personal details, can become problematic if the details provided by you don’t match with those in your supporting documents.

It’s good to be vigilant while filling out the key details in the form.

Be forthright

You have to be honest in every matter that is linked to your instant personal loan online application.

If you are facing any difficulty or any other issue fulfilling the loan criteria, then you must discuss it with your loan executive.

Everything should be transparent between the two parties, as a lie or false information can cause rejection of your instant personal loan application.

Know your worth as a borrower

Understand the importance of being a borrower. Banks provide loans for gaining interest on the principal amount, which helps in maintaining the money flow.

So, you should look into multiple offers available in the market, interest rates, and duration of repayment before submitting your instant personal loan online application.

Be wise and patient enough to choose the best out of them all.


If you can remember these tips, you can easily get the approval on your personal loan application. Some of the lenders you can contact for a personal loan are Indiabulls personal loan (opens in a new tab/window), SBI personal loan, and HDFC personal loans etc.

Choose a lender that suits your needs the best. Go ahead! You are now ready to submit an application.

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