This Is What Huawei’s New Operating System May Be Called

This Is What Huawei’s New Operating System May Be Called

Since Huawei is officially banned in the United States, no US-based company can work in coordination with the Chinese tech giant. As a result, even Google can no longer provide its Android-based services to Huawei’s customers, which means Huawei smartphone users will neither get Android updates not have security patches for Google Android OS in the future.

Now, Huawei is left with only one option, i.e. to develop its very own smartphone operating system and then provide Apps based on that. Well, it may seem like a pretty tedious task, but it’s not. Huawei does have its own Android replacement and its not a secret anymore.

To be specific, Huawei’s smartphone OS could be ready to power its new devices within this year. To support this very statement, we have the Trademark Information as well.

On 24th May, in less than a week of Google’s announcement that it’s no longer working with it, Huawei filed multiple trademarks with the EUIPO (Europian Union Intellectual Property Office).

While these trademark registrations could be a coincidence, there is no doubt about the fact that the Chinese smartphone manufacturer is gearing up for bringing its very own mobile operating system.

As far as the names are concerned, the underlying list consists of Huawei Ark OS, Ark OS, Ark, Huawei Ark, which simply suggests that the names of Huawei’s Android and Windows alternatives could be known as Ark OS. While there’s no guarantee whether or not Huawei is going to use these terms to name its operation systems, these certainly sound better and bring more appeal to the global audiences than the HongMeng OS.

As it’s not confirmed what all features Huawei’s new OS will bring to its smartphones, some recent rumors suggest that the OS will have native support for all Android Apps. You can also expect the new OS to be shipped with Aptoide (alternative to Google’s Play Store) pre-installed.

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