How To Improve Productivity At Work In 2019? (10 Essential Tips)
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How To Improve Productivity At Work In 2019? (10 Essential Tips)

So, how to improve productivity at work? This article is to help you with ways or methods to improve employee productivity in the workplace

Are you ready to take your business’ productivity to the next level? You have come to the right page. Let’s begin.

Businesses do not establish overnight. Despite endless efforts and sleepless nights over many years, building a company involves several instabilities in terms of both quality and quantity to be specific; eventually, the productivity is hampered no matter how good business communication is.

Achieving higher productivity is a common goal of every organization. However, there are several blockades that can make this goal nearly unachievable for you.

How To Improve Productivity At Work?

When you are struggling with profits and looking for tips on how to improve productivity at work, do start with the below listed 10 essential tips to boost productivity at work:

1. Limit Meetings to 30 Minutes

There is no sense in extending the meeting time more than 30 minutes because most meetings can be done within 15 to 30 minutes on an average.

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Come up with a proper agenda and limit distractions to cover your objective, so that you can save valuable business hours.

2. Disable Notifications

It is believed that a constantly buzzing phone is one of the major distractions that harm productivity. Unofficial social media, text message, emails, and other notifications negatively impact the concentration of your employees or subordinates.

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You can simply avoid such distractions by turning off these notifications when you are in the work mode.

3. Don’t Hesitate to Say No

I understand it’s a bit hard to say “No” in the workplace, but the research from the University of California in San Francisco says that if you find difficulty in saying no, then it might be possible that you get in over your head, which can result in burnout, stress, or depression.

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Learn to say No because this powerful action will help you to prioritize your work and provide the opportunity to focus on commitments.

4. Set Airplane Time

If the habit of scrolling Facebook or replying to a friend on chat is restricting you from completing an important work, it is high time to set your phone on the airplane mode.

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Choose an hour or two each day to block off and treat that time as if you are unable to use your phone since you are traveling for work. Mention the highly prioritized projects on your to-do list.

This will help you to find time for your work without distractions. Consider Airplane time is your time to work more effectively and efficiently.

5. Read an Email Once

Unfortunately, opening an email and flagging it because we decide to deal with it later wastes our large chunk of time. Instead of this tactic, try to take action when you see priority emails.

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Take time and decide what action you want to take – delete, reply, archive, or forward. This practice is not that easy, but it will help your inbox to look less complicated.

6. Drink Plenty of Water

Adequate water consumption is a solution to all the problems related to human beings. Scientific research has also proven a relation between dehydration and decreased mental activities.

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According to the study conducted by Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow & Metabolism, even the minor level of dehydration in our body can restrict the proper blood flow in brain vessels, which might cause interruptions in smooth functioning of neural activity.

Drink plenty of water, as it might resolve several problems like short-term memory loss, delayed action and reaction time. This can boost your productivity at work.

7. Maximize Efficiency with Productivity Tools

Staying constantly focused at work is quite difficult, and sometimes, it is impossible to do so.


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Fortunately, we are in the digital era where we can take help from tons of tools or apps to maximize our everyday productivity. Here are my few favorites:

  • Hootsuite, Sprout Social, and Buffer

This app will help you to communicate with people across all of your social media accounts via a single dashboard. It basically saves your time by managing different social media tools and by creating a personally targeted stream to communicate with, publish posts, and quickly engage users.

  • Evernote

Motivation can strike anytime to capture the concept that comes to your mind. Evernote app enables you to take notes and make a to-do list and save it in one location. In addition to this, the app also synchronizes all the things between your laptops, tablets, and the phone automatically. This helps you to get easy reference notes anywhere, anytime.

  • AnswerHub Knowledge-Driven Productivity

This app helps you to accomplish more without adding extra hours to your workdays. It empowers you to achieve your goal through collaboration and shared knowledge. You can take reference that will help to get the job done, share your experience in an open dialogue with others.

The purpose of this app is to provide assistance related to work and work together to solve problems allocated to doing any projects through new ideas.

8. Set Your Own Target

Don’t wait for someone else to set your target. Set your target on your own that challenges you. Even if you don’t complete it, try to reach nearby.


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Initially, try to achieve the least required and change it after two or three days. Make sure while concentrating on quantity, you do not give up on quality.

9. Try To Do Little More Than Your Target Everyday

When you find that you are achieving your target constantly, try to achieve a little more than that every day instead of sticking to the old target.


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Remember, you always have more to achieve.

10. Avoid Unnecessary Leaves

This is one of the major reasons for lower productivity. Try to avoid taking leaves, plan your leaves according to your work so that you can complete it on time.

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In case you meet any emergency, try to take work from home or complete your leftover work by the next working day.

Over to You!

I’m sure these tips on how to improve productivity will surely help you. Don’t try to act upon everything on a single day; bring little changes towards your work every day.

I’m sure that this will enhance your productivity by the month end.

Please share your experience in the comment box below.

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