New Google Maps Update Eases Exploring Urban Areas

New Google Maps Update Eases Exploring Urban Areas

Google Maps has been a great navigation tool for years and has successfully turned into the ultimate navigation tool for travelers around the world. Millions of people everyday use this Google app to commute through the right way to reach their destination in time.

However, despite being a key navigation tool helping you travel to unknown distant places, Google Maps has also become a preferred choice of everyone when it comes to finding and exploring new places at ease. The latest update makes this app even better.

There is this Explore tab provided on the Google Maps UI that is the hub of a huge database of information about almost all your nearby places. Currently, you get three icons, each with a different POI (point of interest) around you, typically categorized into restaurants, cafes, and etc. There is also a fourth icon to provide you a much-expanded list of places and activities in your surroundings. However, not everyone is likely to go to this option.

As you update the existing version of Google Maps installed on your phone, the categories visible on your App UI will be increased to 2 rows and you will now have in total 7 categories to explore instead of just 3 without compromising the detailed list view – provided via More icon. The new suggestions you will get include Hotels, Parks, Events and more.

While these changes may not seem like big ones, this is a pretty meaningful expansion to the App UI. Now that you have a new row of icons added to the UI, the explorer does not look cramped. In fact, provided with more suggestions visible on the App, it should help with certain new ideas regarding when you are on a vacation and have no idea about the place.

Based on a report, this very update seems to be a server-side switch and therefore people using any version of Google Maps app might soon start interacting with the new UI very soon.

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