5 Employee Engagement Activities HR Should Conduct
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5 Employee Engagement Activities HR Should Conduct

Do employee engagement activities have anything to do with the performance graphs of employees? Let’s find out:

How many times have you heard anyone saying they want to become the most recognized employee for their company and perform at their optimum level to drive the company irrespective of the money they make? Twice? Once? Chances are that you have never heard of such a thoughtful dialogue!

There are many employees, who don’t even feel their attachment to the company. In fact, they don’t even realize their importance to their company. Yes, there lacks a connection. Now, what leads to this? Improper employee engagement activities in the workplace and Human Resources people should do something about it!

The management is not the only embody to blame for this since most of us have been taught to become somebody rather than do something or contribute! We are asked, “What do you want to be?” and not “what do you want to do?” Our professional tag speaks out our personality. So, everyone just wants to ‘become someone’ and earn well. Business goals and mission be like – Nobody knows us!

However, when we see it through the company’s perspective, this won’t work.

Disengagement of employees can cost dearly to a business in terms of productivity and eventually, can hinder its growth. This is the reason the cost and consequences of improper or no engagement need not be discussed.

Employee Engagement Activities HR Should Conduct

The success of a business completely relies on its employees. More engaged in the workforce is, better the business outcomes will be and lower the losses. Here’s a list of employees engagement activities to help you amplify your employees’ efficiently:

Employee Benefits and Perks

Working for a company is not just about the job; it is an experience indeed. Experience of working with a team. Experience of being an important part of the company’s mission. Therefore, it becomes necessary to foster the way you greet your employees.

Productivity depends on the state of employees – both mental and physical. When employees are motivated and recognized for their hard work, it can be clearly seen through their performance and vigor.

Adopting better employee benefits and perks in the workplace is one of the best ways to exhibit employee appreciation and that you care about them. Benefits like life security, insurances, allowances, etc. are some great options to keep your employees happy and productive.

Organizational Environment

Work environment undoubtedly has a tremendous effect on employees. Better the environment, better will be the retention of employees.

Hence, an engaged workforce.

With time, the organizational environment helps built a heightened level of energy at the workplace.

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Employees love transparency and better accountability in the workplace. Transparency with HR, transparency with the manager, less communication barrier, etc.

Employee Tools

Employee tools and assets like their desktop, internet, pantry, and others must be made easily available.

Imagine, logging onto the internet server after trying it several times. Would it be correct to do so?

Apart from making them available, it must be easily accessible too. One such solution could be an HR system (opens in a new tab/window) that lets employees get things like applying for leaves, solving queries, etc. done easily through the ESS portal.

The barrier to employees for getting things done should be eliminated. Experts say that it affects employee engagement.

Better Training Practices

It all starts even before the employee joins. Training them by knowing their skills not only enhances and prepares them for your organization but also fosters a caring culture.

Also, numbers speak the importance of proper training practices – Around 40% of employees leave because of no / better training or onboarding programs.

This is the reason businesses resort to automated training management systems (opens in a new tab/window) to streamline employee onboarding and training.

Behavior Analytics

This is an upcoming trend in employee engagement activities. Managers tend to make decisions and provide opportunities looking at an employee’s behavior and performance. This helps companies perform effective practices for keeping them engaged.

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In fact, it not only helps in engagement but also helps with recruitment, overall business performance, etc.

It provides you better insights of employee and business needs and informed decisions can be taken thereby.

Discussed above were some of the best ways to keep your employees engaged at work.

Important Factors To Discuss


Taking feedbacks is no longer a good trick. Talking about human behaviors, feedbacks play a major role in their next move or actions. Tough to understand? Easier – A negative feedback to an employee (or any human) often leads to degrading their future performance. This demotivates them for doing any productive job thereafter, whereas positive feedbacks can do wonders.

So, you can rather focus on recognizing your better-performing employees. This will make them feel connected to the company and keep them engaged for longer.

Social Media Bans

This is the worst thing to do as of today (millennials era). If you think banning social media usage in the workplace will do productive for you, then you are wrong. Until and unless it is a bank or any place with a ban of the mobile itself.

In the workplace, where mobiles are allowed, banning social media is not a good idea. Instead, social media can open new opportunities for your company’s marketing. Also, it can help you with recruiting better candidates.


What works for your business is better known by you and no one else. A business can be thought of as a living being. Know your business first, its needs, and then commit your responsible actions.

Employee engagement activities are indeed one of the most important tasks for HR. So, investing in this critical HR aspect should be a priority. Options like dedicated HR system, which let you perform employee management on your fingertips, can be a good one.

As the name suggests, it handles every HR-related concern very easily, freeing up HR people to focus more on engagement and other HR practices that require more human touch and intervention.

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