5 Tips to Elevate Social Sales on Instagram
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5 Tips to Elevate Social Sales on Instagram

Instagram has gained an indispensable role in social media marketing owing to its enormous user base. It has over 1 billion active users, the highest of all social applications. No matter what niche your business serves, you will have a fair share of your target audience on this social media app.

If you come to know about the tactics that work well on this platform, you could enhance your website traffic, and thus sales, effortlessly. Services like Trollishly aid in skyrocketing your sales. Here, we spill the beans taking advantage of which you can achieve massive growth on Instagram.

Focus On The ‘Explore Tab’

Organic reach has dropped down drastically across all the major social applications. This has been the primary concern for companies trying to uplift their business through social sales. However, Instagram paves the way for you to maximize the reach of your posts organically through the “Explore Tab.”

Many people will come to know your presence through this Tab. Explore Tab is where an Instagram user can find fresh content from the pages he does not follow. Instagram curates this Tab based on the previous activities of a person.

For instance, let us consider that you are a person fond of gadgets and have liked and interacted with many posts regarding gadgets on Instagram. Hence, your explore tab will be filled with gadget posts from new Instagram pages.

Therefore, this is the way the explore tabs usually function.

You could easily drive your target audience to your Instagram page if your posts appear on the explore tab. However, your posts must possess specific characteristics to make this happen. Instagram will consider a post to publish in the explore tab only if it has a considerable engagement rate.

It also gives importance to posts that have appealing color combinations and visuals. If your posts satisfy these criteria, then chances are high for your posts to appear on the Explore Tab of people who could turn into your customers. Thus, without having to spend even a single penny, you could level-up the visibility of your posts.

Instagram Stories

According to researchers, Instagram stories possess a 2x more engagement rate than the usual posts. People check into the stories section as soon as they open Instagram. So, this feature can be utilized to make people reminded about your presence. It is predicted that, on average, people follow up to 20 e-commerce brands on Instagram.

So, it is necessary to stay connected with your followers to make them purchase your products for the long term. You can achieve that by posting Instagram stories consistently. Launch quizzes and polls in this feature. You can also use interactive stickers, which could make your posts more engaging.

For instance, if you own a burger shop and have introduced a new variety of burgers, promote it through Instagram stories. You are ready to give a discount on specific items, and bewildered in choosing them, leave it to your customers’ decision. Launch a poll on the Instagram story and find out the one for which people are mostly fond of. Such moves will make the customers feel that you value them, strengthening the bond between you and the customers.

Thus, the stories section can be capitalized on to stay connected with your followers.

Don’t Underestimate Hashtags

Hashtags have the potential to drive traffic to your Instagram posts organically. To achieve this, you must go with the appropriate hashtag. Do the necessary research and find the hashtags that are commonly used by people to search the products in your industry.

For instance, if you are part of the cosmetics industry, add hashtags such as #fairness cream, #longlastingglow, #eyeliners, etc. On average, every Instagram user follows five hashtags. So, don’t underestimate hashtags. Add relevant hashtags to your posts and enhance visibility.

Grab The Micro-Influencers

Today, influencers are in huge demand across all the major social applications. They are charging a huge amount that the mid-level companies and the start-ups are unable to afford them.

Subsequently, this has made companies focus on micro-influencers. These influencers have meager followers from 10,000 to 1,00,000. Choosing the micro-influencers wisely will assure benefits to you. Collaborating with 3 to 4 micro-influencers in your niche and making promotion through them at the same time can elevate your brand reach in manifolds.

Instagram Influencer Dashboard

Instagram has rolled out the feature Instagram influencer dashboard, which has eased the process of making decisions regarding choosing an influencer. The dashboard provides data about the influencers who are open to collaborate, their followers’ demographics, their posts’ engagement rate, and other insights. You can also get to know about the approximate price charged by an influencer. Hence, these data will help you make accurate decisions on whether an influencer will fit for you.

Take Away

Above all, consistency is the one that will help in growing your business on Instagram. Take notes of your followers’ reactions and find out what lags and what works best. Such measures will lead you to have a good understanding of your target audience, which helps you frame a better strategy.

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