Top 5 Tech Skills You Want
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Top 5 Tech Skills You Want

Employment opportunities for those working in the tech industry are expected to increase by more than 10% over the next decade. This will lead to increasing opportunities for IT professionals looking to branch out into different tech fields.

With the number of positions in cyber security, web development, and the like, set to grow over the next couple of years, the competition within these fields is set to become fiercer, with more importance attached to the top tech skills of the candidates.

While individuals looking for employment will have an array of skills, the employers will be looking for a more balanced resume, one which includes soft skills that employees may not be aware of; communication skills, and the ability to be approachable, with the right demeanor and everything, goes a long way in making you the more preferred candidate.

Below are a number of work fields and skill sets that are expected to increase in demand over the next couple of years, so perhaps you want to focus on them.

1. Project Management

With confidence relatively high for IT leaders, and budgets recovering, many organisations are now on the lookout for a project manager – one that is capable of keeping track of projects, organising budgets and scheduling. Project managers that have a broad range of experiences, such as in the healthcare, finance and IT industries will be in a much higher demand, and they will be able to specialise.

2. Technical Support

The demand for technical support personnel is set to rise quite considerably over the next year or so.

The ideal technical support agent should be familiar with technology consumers and their needs, with the ability to articulate themselves while providing end users with workable solutions applying all the best practices. Specialised skills and certifications in IT project and service management will go a long way in helping you secure that much-desired job.

Being patient and being able to emphasize with the consumer goes a long way in maintaining a healthy relationship with him/her during conversations. Employers, today, are on the lookout for people who have those required soft skills, and not just the technical knowhow.

3. Programming Knowledge

Programming in JavaScript and Python is more in demand over the past couple of years, and this is only set to increase. Whether you’re a software engineer, infrastructure engineer or digital marketing professional, your prospects are only set to improve. These languages are used for a wide range of tasks, such as to automate, crawl data or streamline processes, and not just to build applications that are scalable.

4. Web Development

Over 25% of companies plan to hire a web designer within the next 12 months. Web developers are the pioneers in front-end development using CSS, JavaScript, and HTML and are capable of integrating with emerging and new technological trends, such as Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligent, and Internet of Things. These web developers will want to learn the latest platforms, languages (such as Ruby on Rails), tools as well as static web creation.

 5. Mobile Application Development

Over 20% of companies in the tech industry require a mobile application developer. The top mobile programming languages last year included HTML5, Swift, Python, Objective-C, Java, and C++. People who want to work in this field will also benefit from having UX/UI design skills.

In addition to application development for both iOS and Android devices, there is also an increasing demand for professionals who possess skills in responsive design, with the ability to create apps that cross platforms, and websites that are capable of conforming to the orientation and screen size of the user. Mobile device sales are forever growing, and so is the need for developers who can fill this forever growing marketplace.


Uchenna Ani-Okoye is a former IT Manager who now runs his own computer support website where he writes extensively on computer related issues.

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